Elevated concrete slabs (also known as suspended concrete slabs) are most commonly found in commercial offices, parking garages, and other multistory heavy-use buildings. 

These pours require a bit more skill than your everyday residential concrete driveway and will need to be carried out by a professional contractor

Multiple factors are involved in pouring elevated concrete slabs, including the weight of the floor and the effect any additional loads will have on it. 

This is how it’s done.

1. The supporting walls are built according to the structural plans

The first step in pouring an elevated concrete slab involves building the supporting walls according to the structural plans. These walls can either be created out of reinforced concrete or concrete blockwork.

2. A crane is used to lower the metal into place

After the supporting walls have been constructed, a metal slab pan is lowered into place using a tower crane. This pan will be used as the framework for pouring and forming the elevated concrete slab. You can also use a system of connected preformed concrete panels instead.

3. Reinforced steel mesh is laid into the pan

Before the concrete is poured, reinforced steel mesh is laid into the pan and is lifted slightly off the floor using chairs (small metal supports) that are evenly spaced apart. This step is what gives the floor the strength necessary to support itself. 

In larger buildings, precast concrete floors that’ve been previously reinforced with tensile steel bars might be required for maximum strength. 

4. The concrete is poured and cured

Finally, after everything has been laid out and arranged according to plan, the concrete is mixed and poured in agreement with the structural engineers’ recommendations. 

The slab must then be left to cure for at least 48 hours before anyone can walk on it. The time it will take before anyone can park or drive on it will vary depending on several factors.

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